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Danubius Online is the Web portal for learning and collaboration of Danubius University Galati. It is achieved with using the Sakai software system, which is now used for this purpose by many universities in the U.S., Europe and other countries of the world.

University students can find course sites on this portal, which provide them with both the necessary study material and the opportunity to submit their homework papers and projects online, to prepare themselves for their exams through self-assessment tests, and to be tested online.

Master students together with the teaching and research staff of the university have the opportunity to collaborate on research and development projects. Students as well as the teaching and research staff can also collaborate on this website through chat, messages and participate in discussion forums on various topics.

To enter the portal, insert your user id and your password and then press Login.

In the menu on the left of this page you will find information on Danubius Online portal and Sakai software on which it is based.